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The Best Dog Nail Grinders (2020 Reviews)

The cleaning task for your lovely dogs always takes a lot of time and effort, right? In particular, the dog’s nails can grow out quickly after a few days. If we don’t cut and grind the nails soon, they can hurt your dogs. Therefore, it is important to find the best dog nail grinders for your dog.
On the market today, there are many different types of nail grinders with full size, function, and brand. That makes it difficult for many buyers to choose the most suitable one for their dogs. Understanding that, I will review the 10 best dog nail grinders today about various features including efficiency, noise level, ease of use, and more. Let’s find out and make a buying decision later.

The 10 best dog nail grinders in 2020

Dremel 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder

  • Suitable for dogs of all breeds and all sizes
  • Easy to use and hold.
  • Two different grinding speeds allow you to sharpen the dog’s nails safely and carefully in each stage.
  • Wireless operation feature to bring you optimal control.
  • The battery-powered device uses a 60 grit sanding drum to cut nails comfortably and effectively. Rechargeable battery.
  • Come with six sanding drums as well as a wrench tool for head replacement.
  • Loud noise at high speed. The assembly is a bit complicated.

Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder

  • This nail grinder has an adjustable safety guard to ensure you don’t trim too far.
  • There are two grinding speeds and a quiet motor operation.
  • Ideal for breeds of all ages and sizes. You can even use it on cats, rabbits and other small pets
  • The cordless design creates a sense of comfort when using.
  • Include coarse stone, fine band, and 2 coarse bands.
  • It can also catch shavings for easy cleaning.

Furminator Professional Nail Grinder

  • It comes with an automatic safety guard to ensure nail trimming is safe, effective, and painless.
  • The price of this device is quite affordable.
  • Provide excellent performance in a light device.
  • Compact and cordless for ease of use and hold.
  • Automatic LED lights ensure maximum safety and control.
  • It comes with two grinding bands and the anti-microbial plastic materials that help avoid germs and bacteria for your pet.

ConAir Pro Pet Products Dog Nail Grinder

  • This device is light and compact for easy use. Add a long cord for extra your convenience.
  • The grinder has simple on and off switches. And the sides are ridged to ensure a secure hold during grinding.
  • Perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • Made from high quality materials for durability and high performance.
  • Easy to change to stone or sander attachments
  • Equipped with adjustable protective cover to ensure the safety of your dog and you.

Andis EasyClip 2-Speed Dog Nail Grinder

  • Lightweight, compact, and powerful.
  • Give pets a perfect pedicure with easy, quick, and stress-free ways.
  • Ideal for all dog and cat breeds.
  • The silicone sleeve with ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and control.
  • Equipped with a round, smoother nail that keeps floors and furniture safe from scratches.
  • Include a set of 13 kits. These are three large and two small replacement grinding bands, a polishing head, a wrench, a safety guard, and the power supply.

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

  • Manufactured with Diamond Bit Grinder, which is safer and more effective than other nail clippers
  •  Lightweight and compact.
  • This grinder has a simple on/off switch with a basic design that is extremely easy to use.
  • Designed with low noise and low vibration, your pet is not afraid to cut their nails.
  • Rechargeable with included USB power cord.
  • Provide a safety guard with three different openings to suit all types of pets and sizes.

URPower Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

  • There is an easy on / off switch, and the rechargeable battery can be plugged in by USB for added convenience.
  •  Lightweight, compact, portable and easy to use.
  • Long use time. This nail grinder runs continuously for 3 hours on a full charge.
  • The device runs quietly with the super mute motor, brass shaft, unique sound muting technology. Your dog will not be afraid to be trimmed anymore.
  • Perfect for small and medium-sized dogs.
  • Designed with a diamond bit grinder is safer and more efficient.

Greensen Electric Nail Grinder

  • Constructed with upgraded 3. 5V motor, which is more efficient and safer than other nail clippers on the market.
  •  Ideal for dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds, etc.
  • It can run for a full 6 hours with rechargeable by USB.
  • There is a safety guard with three ports of different sizes, suitable for all pet sizes.
  • The motor is quiet. And the vibration is lower than many other models.

FurryFido Nail Grinder Kit

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Excellent for trimming, shaping, and smoothing your dog’s nails
  • Perfect for all pets of sizes, including puppies and small dogs. 
  • The kit comes with six interchangeable heads that are extremely unique and convenient.
  • Provided by two AA batteries that can be easily replaced.
  • The motor has a unique muting technology, which ensures quiet operation and does not scare your dog.

Petcute Rechargeable Electric Dog Nail Grinder

  • Lightweight and compact design for easy use.
  • Provide two different grinding speeds as well as three different sized ports to fit all pets of any size.
  • Designed with low noise and low vibration to provide a smooth operation for pets when cutting nails.
  • It is equipped with a lithium battery that can charge quickly in an hour and comes with a USB cable.
  • The price of this device is quite affordable.

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