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Best Rabbit Hutch 2020: Reviews & Topicks

Finding the best rabbit hutch for your pet rabbit is important, especially if you’re going to keep them outdoors. Hutches are great for rabbits because they mimic their natural habitats and make them feel safe from predators.

As pet owners, we must provide them with their needs such as the proper enclosure to keep them in as this will help them live long and happy lives. However, considering that small animals like rabbits have different needs from other domesticated pets, we must choose the best rabbit hutch set up for them.

With that said, here is a comprehensive review of some models of the best rabbit hutch 2020 as well as a buying guide that can aid you in making a more informed buying decision.

Top 10 Of Best Rabbit Hutch Models

If you’re unsure what kind of rabbit hutch to get, then check out some of the best rabbit hutch designs below in this in-depth review.

1. PETSITE Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Designed with versatility in mind, the PETSITE wooden rabbit hutch isn’t just great as housing for your rabbits, it can also serve as a pet house for various other smaller animals such as chickens, guinea pigs, and more. This makes it one of the best rabbit hutch outdoor on the market as any small pet owner can make use of it.

It is constructed with high-quality and durable fir wood and coated with non-toxic waterproof paint that allows it to withstand the harsh outdoor weather conditions. This ensures your pet remains safe and cozy, rain, or shine.

Other parts of the enclosure are also made from highly durable materials that ensure not just their safety but also that they don’t escape.

This rabbit hutch has a convenient sliding tray for their droppings, allow you to easily remove it and clean it up to keep their housing hygienic and your pets healthy.

2. Trixie Natura Small Animal Hutch

Another great option for the best rabbit hutch is this small animal hutch from Trixie. Their Natura rabbit hutch is ideal for keeping small domesticated animals like guinea pigs and rabbits. Also, it features a compact size that allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors, making it the best rabbit hutch set up.

Its design includes a foldable front door that effectively serves a ramp as well as a hinged roof that allows you to check on your pets from above.

It’s constructed with high-quality materials like composite asphalt shingles and glazed pine that allow it to provide your pet with ample shade from the sun as well as protection from the rain.

Each rabbit hutch is large enough to accommodate smaller-sized animals – from guinea pics to small breed dogs.

3. ROCKEVER Waterproof Wooden Rabbit Hutch

This wooden rabbit hutch from ROCKEVER features a similar design with the Trixie Natura but puts a more colorful spin to their products by offering them in several colors that allow you to easily identify your pet’s housing wherever it is.

Its more compact size yet spacious interior makes it ideal for those looking for a rabbit hutch that can easily fit indoors while giving enough space for their rabbits to move inside. This makes it among the best rabbit hutch indoor models out there.

However, its durable construction and outdoor-friendly design make it perfect for outdoor use as well, allowing you more freedom in terms of where to place your pet rabbit.

As for design, its front door opens up to a ramp for your pet to easily come out and the hinged roof allows you to check on them without disturbing them.

4. Magshion Wooden Rabbit Hutch and Playpen House

Another one of the best rabbit hutch models available on the market is this wooden hutch and playpen from Magshion.

It’s designed to be a two-in-one rabbit hutch, with one serving as your rabbit’s “burrow” and opening to an open-spaced cage that allows them to get their much-needed fresh air. This innovative design makes it one of the best rabbit hutch designs you can find these days on the market.

Crafted from high-quality fir wood, this rabbit hutch, and playpen house has a solid construction that enables it to withstand the effects of even the harshest weather conditions. The weather-resistant materials are perfect for keeping your precious pets, whether it’s a rabbit or a duck, from the elements.

Each hutch comes with a slide-out tray that allows for easy cleanup of their droppings, allowing you to keep everything clean and hygienic for them and keep their health in top shape.

5. PETSJOY Wooden Rabbit Hutch

This wooden rabbit hutch from PETSJOY also combines aesthetic with function, and it effectively serves as a two-in-one hutch for your rabbit or other small animals.

It was designed with one area being fully enclosed while the other has a more open-air design. Each area is accessible for your pet through a small opening, giving them the option to hide or show themselves when they wish.

You can access each area through the hinged doors or through the hinged roof which allows you to reach into the enclosure more easily. It’s made from solid and durable fir wood that’s been painted over by non-toxic and waterproof paint.

Because of this, it’s stable and durable enough to withstand the rain or sun, making it perfect for outdoor use. The easily removable slide-out trays make it convenient and hassle-free to clean their droppings to ensure that their enclosure is always clean.

6. Yoshioe 36” 2-Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch and Pet House

As one of the models for the best rabbit hutch 2020, this rabbit hutch from Yoshioe has everything you need for your rabbit’s needs and more even with limited space in your home.

The 2-tier design allows your pet rabbit to have separate areas for play and rest, as well as giving them more than enough room to move around as they wish. The upper tier features both an open-air designed enclosure as well as a completely closed-off one and is accessible through a ramp from the lower tier.

Meanwhile, the lower area features a completely open-air design, allowing your pet rabbit to get the stimulation they need while still having a place to retreat to when needed.

Constructed with furniture-grade wood, the hutch itself is highly durable and can withstand the different weather conditions while the asphalt roof enables it to keep your pet dry even when it’s raining.

7. Tangkula 48” Two-Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Ladder

If you prefer a larger setup for your bunny or you want to keep more than one, then the Tangkula 48” Two-Tier Rabbit Hutch is an option you might want to consider. Featuring two enclosed spaces as well as two open-air spaces, this is perfect if you’re planning to keep two rabbits at once.

The enclosed space is designed to provide them with some privacy and satisfy their need for burrowing while the open-air space allows them to receive stimulation as well as fresh air. This two-tiered rabbit hutch is spacious enough and has enough room for both rabbits to play as well as rest.

Constructed with high-quality fir wood and secured with waterproof paint, it’s designed to help you keep your pets safe and dry even while keeping them outdoors. Both tiers are accessible by a ramp that your bunny or bunnies can easily climb when they need to.

Each area comes with a slide-out pan for their droppings, making cleaning up after them easy and hassle-free.

8. Lovupet Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Feeding Trough

This wooden rabbit hutch from Lovupet is designed to make it easy for pet owners everywhere to access their pets’ enclosure, giving them multiple doors as well as a feeding trough for easier accessibility.

With its large size, this rabbit hutch is spacious enough to accommodate all your rabbit’s needs like playing and sleeping. One area is fully enclosed to give your rabbit or rabbits some privacy and allow them to wind down from the stimulation the rest of the enclosure provides them.

The roof is hinged, allowing you to access the interior from there as well and it features 2 pull-out trays for their droppings, allowing you to clean up after your pets more easily.

It’s constructed with high-quality materials – from the fir wood used for the body to the hardware used for the hinges and locked. This allows it to be durable enough to withstand harsh weather making it one of the best rabbit hutch outdoor models on the market.

9. PawHut Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Feeding Trough

Designed to provide for all your rabbit’s needs, this wooden rabbit hutch from PawHut features 3 sections: a feeding area where the feeding trough is located, an open-air space, and a fully-enclosed space.

It’s large enough to provide your rabbit with enough space to move around as they please, allowing them to get their needed exercise and rest. Each area is accessible for you through several doors as well as a hinged roof that provides access from above. This rabbit hutch model also has 2 pull-out trays for easy cleanup after your pets.

As for its construction, it’s made from high-quality fir wood that enables it to withstand even the harshest weather and the weather-resistant asphalt roof allows the rain to simply roll off it.

This keeps them safe and dry when it’s raining, and it also provides them with protection from the sun during hot days.

10. Lovupet Indoor-Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Last but not least for this review of the best rabbit hutch models is the Lovupet Indoor-Outdoor Rabbit Hutch. As the name suggests, it’s designed for use for either indoors or outdoors, making it the best rabbit hutch set up for those who want more flexibility with their pets’ living space.

Its design features 2 connected parts: a fully-enclosed one and an open-air cage. Constructed with sturdy fir wood and coated with environmentally-friendly waterproof paint, the wooden parts are durable and long-lasting. Meanwhile, the open-air area is reinforced with an iron wire that doesn’t just keep your rabbits inside safely but also keeps predators out.

The hutch is accessible through two hinged doors at the top, allowing you easy access from above and minimizing the disturbance to your pets. It also comes with a removable tray to easily clean their messes and ensure their health.

Best Rabbit Hutch Buyer’s Guide

How many hutches will I need?

Depending on how many rabbits you plan on taking care of, the ideal would be having a hutch for each of the following:

  • Females
  • Pregnant/nursing females
  • Males
  • For mixing rabbits
  • Weaning off baby rabbits
  • Temporary enclosure for when you’re cleaning
  • For new arrivals

If you’re keeping more than one rabbit in one hutch, make sure it has enough room for them to move freely as well as enough spaces for them to hide and unwind whenever they feel overstimulated.

If I’m keeping them outdoors, what do I need to look for in a hutch?

Most rabbit hutches are designed for outdoor use so you will have plenty of options from which you can choose but here are some of the things you need to take note of for outdoor rabbit hutches:

  • They need to be around 25cm to 30cm higher than the ground.
  • They need to be made from durable, high-quality, and non-toxic materials.
  • Ideally, they should be waterproof and provide enough protection against the sun and rain and other harsh weather conditions.

Rabbit hutches are usually available in one-tier models but for keeping multiple rabbits (ideally around 3 to 4 per hutch), two-tiered models are better.

What about if I plan on keeping them indoors?

If you decide to keep them indoors, you need to find a dedicated space for them as well as their other necessities. Other things you need to note are:

  • The hutch itself must be properly insulated, with the ideal temperature for adult bunnies being around 15° to 20°C and 29° to 30° for younger rabbits.
  • The optimal humidity rate around the hutch should be around 50% to 80%.
  • Opt for low-intensity lighting.
  • The area must have good ventilation to keep the air circulating and the air in their hutches fresh.


Part of being a responsible pet owner is finding the right housing for them and pet rabbits, it’s vital that you find the best rabbit hutch for their needs. Hutches don’t just keep them from escaping and protect them from the elements but it helps satisfy the natural burrowing behavior of rabbits.

There are many options to choose from which can make your search more difficult but hopefully, with this review for the best rabbit hutch 2020, you can make a more informed decision when it comes to buying one.

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