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Best Horse Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 2020: Reviews

Horses depend on meals to provide all the vitamins and minerals they need all day. But sometimes, meals with grass or regular food are not enough for them to grow and be healthy. Therefore, to help horses develop and stay healthy, it is important to improve your horse’s diet by purchasing vitamin and mineral supplements.
On the market today, there are many varieties of vitamin and mineral supplements with many different brands and ingredients. It makes it difficult for many horse owners to choose the most suitable one. Understanding that concern, I will look at 10 vitamins and minerals supplements that are used by many people for their horses today. Let’s find out and make a decision later.

The 10 of the Best Horse Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Compressed Himalayan Salt Stick for Horses

  • 100% natural. No additives. No binding agents.
  • It includes all the 84 natural minerals and trace ingredients recommended for livestock and farm animals.
  • Designed with curved edges and smooth surfaces to make it more attractive. And your horse can lick it without any fear.
  • It comes with a hole in the middle for easy mounting. You attach the stick to that hole and place it where your horse can reach. It is extremely convenient
  • Besides using it for horses, you can apply this supplement for many other animals like buffaloes, cows, sheep, goats, pets, and even wild animals.

Horsetech High Point Pellet Daily Vitamin-mineral Supplement

  • Designed to addition your horse’s grass and hay diet.
  • Pelleted, easy to feed, and taste good.
  • It contains necessary minerals and vitamins that are often lacking in a typical grass or hay diet.
  • It also contains calcium, zinc, essential vitamins, and even trace minerals for your horse to develop quickly.
  • Available in many different sizes.
  • It is good for your horse’s gut health with probiotics and prebiotics.

Elevate Se for Horses

  • Elevate Se is a great blend of natural vitamin E and organic selenium yeast to supplement both vitamin E and selenium for horses to help them develop quickly.
  • It is excellent for breeding horses, performance horses, and ponies.
  • Available in many sizes and worldwide
  • Suitable for any horse diet

Med-vet Natural E 5000 Pellets

  • It contains an incredible amount of Vitamin E in concentrated pellets to make it easier for your horse to absorb it.
  • Include dry cereals with solids, soy, and natural and artificial flavors for a better appetite for your horse.
  • Many sizes and available worldwide
  • It is appropriate for performance horses, stallions, and foals.
  • The recommended amount for an adult horse is approximately ½ to 1 oz.

Dac Colt Grower 5 Lb. Young Growing, Developing Maturing Nutrition Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

  • Use for small horses and underweight.
  • Made in the USA
  • Help horses grow with probiotics.
  • Contain twelve of the best vitamins and minerals for the fast growth of foal and underweight horses.
  • This supplement also contains calcium, zinc, copper, as well as multiple vitamins, which not only enhance metabolism and bone development but also improve nerve function, immune function, and quality of hoof, skin, and coat for horses.

Ultracruz Equine Vitamin B- 1 Horse Supplement

  • Contain Vitamin B-1 to help support healthy metabolism in both old and foal horses.
  • Keep a healthy nervous system and normal muscle activity in horses.
  • It also promotes concentration and improves performance in racing horses.
  • Easy to use in pellet form, reducing waste when using supplements in powder form.
  • Big size and available worldwide.

Vita Royal Untie Selenium and Vitamin E Supplement for Horses -6 Pounds

  • 100% natural for horse safety.
  • Add selenium and vitamin E
  • Completely soluble in water and help horses easily absorb
  • It also contains ingredients like calcium, magnesium, chromium, iodine and zinc as well as probiotics.
  • Available in sizes of 6 pounds.

Oralx-b High Potency B-vitamin Complex and Chelated Mineral Booster

  • Add vitamin B complex and minerals for working horses or horses under stress.
  • It comes with a convenient syringe to prevent waste.
  • Use minerals and vitamins including vitamins A, B, and E, iron, and copper to boost your horse’s performance
  • For maximum results, apply Oralx-B between 24 and 36 hours before an event.
  • Trusted by veterinarians, coaches, and horse lovers around the world.

Thunder Mountain Equine 75 Minerals and Vitamin Supplement

  • It contains about 75 minerals that are extracted from natural sources.
  • Great for all breeds and even recommended for horses with cracked hooves and weak legs.
  • It also holds barley, red wheat bran, and soybean meal that help horses eat better.
  • Enhance metabolism and promote the overall health of the horse.

Reinmond Equine Reinwater Natural Electrolyte Hydrating Mineral Mix for Horses

  • It is an unusual mineral supplement that is taken from exotic and rare localities around the world.
  • Support increasing the electrolyte level and keeping the electrolyte balance for your horse.
  • There are more than 60 minerals in this supplement, helping your horse keep balance and reduce habits like eating dirt and cribs.
  • Very popular with horses because of their delicious taste.

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