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Best Food for Blue Tongue Skink in 2020 (Reviews)

Blue-tongue skinks are one of the kinds of pets that are extremely easy to raise and adapt to captivity. And they have a simple need to live without regular cleaning. Therefore, many people prefer to feed this kind of pet.
However, skinks are omnivorous reptiles that need to eat both leafy and meat foods for proper nutrition. That makes many new breeders have trouble choosing the right food for them.
Understanding that, I will review for you the 10 best and healthiest foods for your blue-tongue skink. Let’s find out and make a choice later.

10 Best Food for Blue Tongue Skink

 Fluker’s Dried Crickets

  • Suitable for reptiles, frogs, birds, tropical fish, sugar gliders, and hedgehogs!
  • Made from United States
  • Ingredients from freeze-dried crickets provide the natural nutrition that many pets require and like.
  • Add variety to the diet of your pet.
  • Ideal for those who dislike handling live prey.

 Josh’s Frogs Superworms

  • Available in many sizes.
  • A great addition to a skink’s diet, especially for the young ones. It contains the high protein necessary for the growth and development of them.
  • The quality of the product is completely guaranteed.
  • To save more money and power from constantly buying live insects, you should get a large number of insects to store and use gradually.
  • Easy to store. Keep them at room temperature and provide them with food and water sources, such as carrots.

Medium-Sized Dubia Roaches

  • Great for many pets like bearded dragons, chameleons, leopard geckos, fat tail geckos, and more.
  • These dubia roaches cannot fly or climb on smooth surfaces. And they do not smell or make noise.
  • Provide essential nutrition that is suitable for both young and adult skinks.
  • Note: you should store them in a plastic container without a lid, or with a lid with holes so they can easily come in.

UGRodents Frozen Pinky Mice

  • It contains 25 Frozen Pinky Mice that are about 1 to 2 days old.
  • Follow the formula specifically for your snake, lizard, and other predatory pets.
  •  No hassle or mess.You can save money when buying larger quantities.
  • Provides superior nutrition and perfect diet.
  • Note: The product is not for human consumption.

Black Soldier Larvae

  • Provide plenty of nutrition, high calcium, and low fat that is suitable for reptiles, amphibians, fish, and wild birds.
  • One pack contains 250 counts for two weeks of use.
  • You should keep black soldier larvae at 55-65F which will keep them in the larval stage longer
  • Suitable for both young and adult pets.

Josh’s Frogs Hornworms

  • Contain 25 counts in one cup of each order of hornworms.
  • Its large size provides plenty of protein and nutrition for your pet.
  • Suitable for many kinds of reptiles and amphibians, including Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, etc.
  • No chitin and has a soft skeleton. It makes your pet easy to eat and digest.

Zoo Med Silkworms

  • Perfect for all reptiles amphibians or fishing.
  • These silkworms aren’t alive, and they are dried and packed in a 1.2 oz container.
  • Each packet includes nutritious silkworms that will keep your pet healthy.
  • Sources of unsaturated and healthy fats and essential amino acids help ensure your pet’s safety when eating.
  • The only bad thing about this product is that it has a little smell in it.

Uncle Jim’s Red Wrigglers

  • These worms are not only great for your garden health, but they also make a delicious and nutritious food for your reptiles.
  • Promote germination, plant growth, and crop yield.
  • A bite-sized hi-protein dish for any aquarium or reptile species.
  • A good treat for your young skink
  • Fast shipping. All orders ship to arrive within two days of purchase!

Pinky Neb Dried Mealworms

  • These dried worms are an excellent source of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and other necessary nutrients that your pet needs for its overall health, especially in the winter.
  • Ideal for baby chickens and other birds, as well as other pets such as fish, hedgehogs, turtles, etc
  • The sturdy boxes with convenient handles on the sides for easy use and storage.
  • 100% safe. It contains no additives, no genetic modification, no preservatives, and no dust.

Zilla Reptile Munchies Mix

  • Easy to use and convenient with a resealable bag.
  • It contains dried insects and other vegetable and fruit mixes that are perfectly healthy for your pets.
  • Great for various pets such as bearded dragons, water dragons, tegus and box turtles.
  • It provides many essential nutrients and proteins from many natural ingredients that help your pet develop quickly.

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