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Top 10 Best Dog Hair Bows 2020 Review

Beauty is always an essential need for not only humans but also pets. Any pet owner wants his or her little friend to look beautiful and fall in love. Besides the costumes, accessories for dogs is also something you cannot ignore, especially a dog hair bow. With the dog hair bow, your little girl will be more gentle, feminine, but still trendy. The bow makes the outfit more eye-catching. It helps your dog stand out from the crowd with the admiration of other owners. Besides, your dog will attract all eyes around, especially of male dogs.

On the market today, there are many dog ​​hair bows with many designs, sizes, and different materials. This gives you a lot of choices, but it also makes it difficult for many customers to choose the most suitable one for their dogs. To help you make the decisions that best suit your needs, we will provide you with the most objective reviews of the top 10 most popular dog hair bows today. Come on, let’s find out.

Top 10 Best Dog Hair Bows

Aria Satin Dog Bows

  • 100% handmade (each pack will include a pet card to give away for free)
  • Width: 1,2″ – 1,4″. There is a rubber bands on the back, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Diverse materials: Ribbon, Nylon, rubber bands, rhinestone pearls
  • Accessories such as pearls, small flowers are firmly attached
  • Set of 50 pieces divided into 25 pairs of small packages. Each package comes in different colors and designs, with a pet tag for a gift.
  • Unique design, changed monthly to update the latest fashion trends.
  • Good price

YAKA 30 Pairs Cute Dog Hair Bows

  • Size 0.98 inch – 1.5 inch (25 – 40mm), suitable for large and medium dogs.
  • Made by hand, stainless steel helps fix the hairstyle and prevents it from falling out.
  • Adorable bow, can DIY dog bow tie. It can be used for female cats, rabbits, etc.
  • Product contains 60 hair bows divided into 30 colors. There are many different patterns, easily combined with a variety of costumes, coat colors.
  • The product is solid, durable and of good quality
  • Refund or replacement allowed if not satisfied with the product.

Hixixi Dog Hair Bows

  • Diverse in size, suitable for many different types of dogs.
  • Attach elastic strap at the back to tie, avoid falling.
  • Made from safe materials such as ribbons, rubber bands, rhinestone, beads.
  • Colors and patterns are diverse, in line with fashion trends.
  • Made entirely by hand and high quality. The rubber band at the back is highly elastic, not stretched.
  • Designed to fit a variety of pet clothes, helping it look more fashionable and attractive.
  • The item is a pack of 50 pieces of cute pet hair bows.
  • Suitable for holidays, vacations, birthday parties, Christmas.
  • Pack of 50 pieces of cute hair bows, with a nice zipper case for storage.

PET SHOW Mixed Topknot Dog Hair Bows

  • The dog hair bows cute, perfect for any occasion
  • Easy on / off easily with a rubber strip.
  • Styles and sizes are very diverse, suitable for dogs, cats, small rabbits.
  • Fashionable design, eye-catching and trendy.
  • Diverse materials: Ribbon, rhinestone, pearl necklace, rubber band.
  • The fabric is hard and keeps good shape, no wrinkles The jewelry or accents in the middle are firmly attached.
  • The rubber bands are stitched directly into the bow, avoiding peeling.
  • Products include 20 pieces, small size, light weight, about 2.5-4cm.
  • Pink with many different shades, diverse patterns.

Rimobul Dog Hair Bows

  • Set of 50 pieces of cute bun hair
  • The rubber band on the back is firmly fixed
  • Choose one to match your puppy’s outfit
  • Width is about 1.4-1.6 “, suitable for small pets like dogs, cats, rabbits.
  • Design is in shape, suitable for many different occasions.
  • The middle of the bow is decorated with eye-catching pearls or small flowers.
  • Natural color does not fade when cleaned.
  • A perfect pet gift!

MEWTOGO 15 Pairs Dog Hair Bows

  • Made by hand from ribbons and rubber bands.
  • There are 30/15 pairs in one pack, different designs, and colors.
  • Size about 1.8 – 0.8 inches, suitable for small pets.
  • Minimalist design accessory, but there are many different types of patterns, easily combined with clothes for your dog.

QUMY Dog Hair Clips Mixed Styles

  • Make your pet look more fashionable and attractive.
  • The back is an alloy clip, of high quality, hard to break or slip, especially not hurting the dog by the wire loops.
  • Easily combined with other clothing or fashion accessories.
  • The package includes 10 pieces of dog hair bows, creative designs, diverse with many different shapes such as small hats, crowns, bows, flowers, etc.

Halloween Designs Dog Topknot Bows

  • Perfect for Halloween.
  • Width about 3.5-4cm. The back has a strong rubber strap.
  • Package includes 20 pieces, individually designed, not duplicated.
  • Material: Cotton nylon, rhinestone.
  • The color is combined with the main color of Halloween.
  • Rich motifs, pumpkin combination, skull print, the diamond skull.
  • Design personality, unique, outstanding among the crowd.

JJ Couture 30 Dog Hair Bows 

  • 30 hair bows per pack (15 pairs of different colors).
  • The width of about 2 inches is suitable for a small or medium pet.
  • Each bow has a layer of flowers in the center and a top layer of many seeds.
  • Material: cloth, pearl beads, elastic.
  • Bright colors, do not fade when washing.

Didog Colorful Multi-Pattern Pet Cat Dog Hair Bows

  • Design bow in classical style, beautiful and colorful colors, and multi-patterns.
  • Made from quality materials, with high durability, can keep the shape.
  • The rubber strap is solid, not slipped.
  • Products include 50 different, suitable for many interests.
  • They are often used for small, medium-sized puppies such as Shih Tzu, Poodle.

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