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Best Dog Breath Freshener 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

You probably might have not liked it when your dogs have come closer to you or if you have cuddled your dog because of the foul stinky breath you may have experienced. Don’t worry because this is a common problem that is caused by food remains or plaque build ‘in up in your dog’s mouth. We have identified some wonderful development in this segment and have found some methods to control

There are far-flung varieties of dog breath fresheners that can be used for your dog. Ways to identify the best product for your dog is to check whether is it easy to use or not, what is the duration of the freshness and has it even removed the bad breath or not. This freshness also depends on the owner if they think that the freshness suits their dog or not

The cooperation of Dog means a lot to the owner that’s why it is important to choose the best home dog breath freshener. As long as we get these things checked right and get the right price, you can choose the right product for your Dog. Below are some examples which might help you to ease your search for the conventional product you are looking for

Top 10 Of The Best Dog Breath Freshener Review

1. Premium Pet Dental Spray

This beneficial product is available in 3 flavours: Cinnamon, Aloe Vera, and Honey which are considered to the 3 essential elements to fight gum diseases and plaque. This product is also recommended by the vets as this is an animal-friendly product as well as helps in the digestive treatment

This product has dual positive nature as it helps to remove the foul breath as well as clear the digestive tract. Researchers have noticed that dogs tend to love the smell of cinnamon which makes this best dog breath freshener treats your dog friendly.

This product helps in removing gum diseases by cleaning tartar and plaque; if this product is used periodically you may start to notice cleaner and clearer teeth/gums due to its formulation. This product is highly recommended by Vets for relieving bad breath from dogs. One more way of using this product is by mixing the spray with water and makes your dog consume it.

2. Oxyfresh Dog and Cat Breath Solution

This non-toxic spray helps your Dog get relief from extensive bad breath because of the high-quality ingredients it consists, this freshener requires no brushing, it is odourless and tasteless which acts as a positive side for your dog as it makes it easy for your dog to consume it. This guarantees clean teeth and healthy gums

This Product is one of the go-to products if you are searching for a good freshener for your dog. It is formulated by high-quality ingredients that are safe for your pet. It is easier for suspicious dogs if we mix the best dog breath freshener treats in water as it becomes odourless in aqueous solution. It does not consist of artificial flavours that might be disliked by your dog. It wills hardly noticed!

It is user friendly too as you don’t have to struggle to brush your dog’s teeth or even spraying it in their mouth. Just follow these 3 easy steps: Add a capful of freshener in water, Mix it well, and Make your dog consume it. If used periodically then it will relieve your dogs from common infections too.

3. Arm & Hammer Brushies Dog Dental Chews

Removing bad breath has been made easy by using this Dental chews as it helps in masking the bad breath from your dog and leaving a garden-fresh odour in your dog’s mouth.

Due to the attractive scent and chewy nature Dogs usually love to chew these. This prevents the production of plaque in your dog’s mouth and clears bad breath for a long period. This handy best dog breath freshener treats helps in whitening and brightening of teeth. These consist of minty flavour which acts as a positive side for your dog’s teeth and gums

This product comes in a brush shape which helps your dog to chew it easier. One of the most preferred flavours is sweet peppermint as it clears bad teeth without the use of a brush. This is also helpful for hyperactive and aggressive chewers. One of the secrets of these amazing chewiest is baking soda as it acts a natural deodorant and forms the texture of the product

4. Vet Recommended New Dog Breath Freshener

This best home dog breath freshener is totally user friendly because it is a water additive product and much loved by other dogs

This is one of the best dog fresheners as it is user friendly and can be used for different dogs. One of the main advantages is that it is a water additive and consists of all-natural ingredients. This product embodies antiseptic properties which make it effective against poor teeth and gums. This helps in cleaning of tartar and plaque

It is hassle-free because we just need to add 2 tablespoons of it to 16 ounces of the clean water. This quickly relieves the dog from bad breath and maintains this freshness all day long. This solution consists of the best ingredients available to get relief from the deposition of bacteria and enhance the digestion of your pet

5. Dental Fresh Water Additive

Get relief from advanced dental issues such as swollen gums and discoloured teeth of your dog. The best dog breath freshener treats your dog and pup alike and consists of advanced ingredients that are made to target plaque and tartar build ‘in up in your dog’s mouth. It not only provides instant dental relief but also protects the dog against periodical issues which might enhance in the future and deteriorate your dog’s health

Whitening and cleaning of the teeth is just one of the positive sides of this best home dog breath freshener but also protects gums while treating dental issues such as gingivitis. This self-adapting formula releases and destroys foul breath which stops germs and bacteria from multiplying and reaching the gums. It is also user friendly as you can easily add this solution in water and make your dog consume it

6. Pedigree Dentastix

This product is considered to be the best rated dog breath freshener product in cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums because of its prominent brand name in making the best dog products available in the market

These are the best treats you can give to your dog because of the texture and crunchiness of this product. This not only provides flavour but also ensures the enhancement of your dog’s breath. This product comes in a vibrant ‘X’ shape which helps in cleaning plaque off your dog. It maintains daily freshness if we just provide 1-4 biscuits periodically every week

This product is clinically proven to be one of the best products in removing plaque and tartar and becomes an essential part of your dog’s food routine. This also comes in minty flavour which is often loved by the dogs and also comes in vibrant shapes which suites all the breeds and different ages of dogs

7. Dog Breath Freshener

The ideal and one of the most preferred breath sprays you can use for your dog which can be used for multiple purposes

This spray is perfect for daily use to control the bad breath in dogs. This is one the best tartar and plaque clearing spray which not only reduces diseases but also promotes dental hygiene. It is successful in eliminating disease-causing bacteria. “A gentle spray a day will keep the bad breath away”.

This is a nontoxic spray that consists of natural ingredients hence is safe for your dog. This best rated dog breath freshener is designed to locate the origin of the problem and then eliminates the bacteria that have caused the problem. It is the ideal method to prevent problems related to bad breath and gums. It embodies both natural and artificial methods of cure and boosts the immunity of your pet. Just spray this once in your dog’s bowl for a long-lasting effect of fresh minty breath from your lovely pet

8. VetIQ Minties Dog Dental Bone Treats

One of the most exemplary dog products is the VetIQ Dental Bone Treats which not only removes the plaque by its special feature of bumps and divots. The secret to these effects of these products is the natural ingredients which are present in this treat

This best dog breath freshener treats the breath of your furry friend very easily. This product has been made by keeping the important benefits that your dog can get from this very simple product. This product is gluten, corn, soy, or sugar-free which can affect the sensitivity of your Dog’s dental health. Its special feature of bumps and divots provides maximum tooth abrasion giving it maximum efficiency in maintain hygiene for your pet.

Once used by your pet then it will become a part of its routine. This best rated dog breath freshener is available for all ages of your canine and ensuring that your dog gets the best benefits from the product. They not only promote healthy gums but promote healthy mental health too

9. Natural Peppermint Dog Breath Foam

One of the most recognizable brands for dental health care is from Bodhi Dog. It consists of natural ingredients which help in removing plaques and bacteria

This product consists of the organic elements which are known to remove the stubborn bacteria. Its main constituents are honey, cinnamon, cloves, and peppermint which not only kill the bacteria but also leave a fresh effect of minty breath in your pet’s mouth. It’s one of the positive effects is that it consists of antioxidants which prevent your dog from catching an infection

It consists of a breath foam technology which blocks the tartar and plaque growth ensures your dog teeth to be clean and hygienic. Once used it becomes a part of your dog’s daily routine. Brushing will not be required if this spray is used once every day. Once a day is enough to keep your dog away from infections

Dogs love the naturally sweet taste. Besides, there is a hint of peppermint which is added with honey making it a delicious yet healthy treat for your pet. This is alcohol-free and is used for 12 weeks to experience the best results

10. Lillian Ruff Dog Breath Freshener Spray

This brand new breath spray is the new addition to your Dog’s daily routine which is sure to bring some fresh changes to your furry friend.

The new flavour of Spearmint helps to terminate the bad breath of your pet in a few moments. It not only relieves your pet from dental infections but only controls the effect of the formation of bacteria. This product consists of both natural and powerful organic ingredients which will not only help in performing the elimination of the bacteria but also boost the immunity of your pet.

You just need to directly spray the solution in your pet’s mouth a few times in a day to maintain the minty freshness in your dog’s mouth. There is no hassle of using the brush for cleaning your Dog’s dental hygiene. This acts as a quick way of changing the grooming habits of your dog

Buyer Guide

What should we keep in mind while buying an ideal dog breath freshener?

Whilst you are selecting an ideal breath freshener for your dog, do keep in mind the cause of buying the freshener. Is it is the bacteria in the mouth of the cavity or the solid plague which is eating his tooth decaying it? You must understand the reason first before you opt for a dog breathes freshener.

Is all the dog breath freshener usable for all breeds?

Most of the dog breath fresheners mentioned above are safe for all dog breeds, yet it is always advisable to read the instructions on the freshener and seek advice from the chemist/ retailer selling the product.

Are odourless fresheners available and safe?

Yes, if your dog is picky and sensitive, it is advisable to go for a dog breath freshener which is odourless and can be easily sprayed or diluted with water for the dog to lick, since drinking makes it convenient for the dog to use it.

How often should I use the dog Breath freshener for my pup?

You may use it twice a day, yet we recommend you to seek your vet’s advice as you mentioned you have a small pup.


Our pets are our best companion and buddy and it is imperative to take good care of them, feed them well and right and maintain a healthy and hygienic procedure right from day 1m, so they are used to it.

Using the best dog breath freshener is a convenient way to keep your dog smelling good and refrain from the mouth or our or irritating foul breath. In any case, if your dog has a dominating bad breath you must seek your vet’s advice and go for the best dog breath freshener, so you can control the smell and prevent such situations, which at times might turn awkward.

Nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle, and hygienic habits can keep your dog healthy and active for years and improve his health tremendously.

We have brainstormed and selected the best dog breath freshener for you to select your pick easily. This best dog breath freshener 2020 are practically tested and verified.

Select the one that suits your pet the best.

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