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Top 10 Best Dog Agility Training Equipment 2020

Dogs are hyperactive animals who often get bored when they have nothing to do or play with. Agility training helps reduce boredom for your four legs, enhance your fitness level, and improve your relationship with your dog. If you want to train agility at home, some agility training equipment is needed to prepare in advance. Currently, there are many types of dog agility training equipment on the market, such as tunnels, weave poles to starter sets, etc. So you need to consider what kind of equipment you need and what will really suit your dog.

To help you make the best choices, we’ve consulted a lot of dog’s agility training equipment and selected the top 10 most popular products today. If you are looking for a suitable device, let’s find out now.

The 10 Best Dog Agility Training Equipment

Affordable Agility Agility in The Bag

  • Made from UV resistant PVC
  • Sturdy construction, withstand bumps when your dog is too hyperactive.
  • The product includes a bar jump, 6 weave poles, tire jump, pause box and tunnel with closed chute.
  • The obstacles are light, adjustable and move easily.
  • The total weight is about 30 # lbs. It can be easily disassembled and assembled for travel or storage.
  • Suitable for most large size dogs used indoors or outdoors.
  • Let us create personalized designs with vinyl tape attached.

Affordable Agility Red Competition Jump

  • Simple design for easy home use
  • Affordable price is the ideal choice for coaching.
  • Include 2 red and white bars firmly attached, allowing the use of only one or both simultaneously.
  • Can vary in height from 4-26 inches.
  • With jump cups set permanently on each side pole, allowing quick and easy elevation settings.
  • The bottom bar makes it easier to move the jump.
  • Bars can fall off when jumping to limit injuries.
  • Material: UV resistant PVC

Creative Dog Train 14′ Long Dog Agility Tunnel

  • Highly durable, foldable, portable.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor training.
  • Equip bags when traveling or storing.
  • Includes 6 metal spindles that come with a 14 feet long tunnel, 24 “diameter
  • Lightweight, soft, safe for dogs.

Dog Agility Equipment Complete Package

  • The price is quite reasonable, only about 130 dollars
  • This device helps with dancing and weaving exercises or other skills training.
  • It consists of a hexagonal jump, bar jump, and six woven columns with pads. Challenges can be easily adjusted.
  • It assembled quickly and simply, completely portable.
  • Spacers help set the precise spacing between the weaving poles
  • Made in the USA.

PawHut Dog Obstacle Agility Training Kit

  • Products include a single jump, weaving column, pause box and open tunnel.
  • Cheap price, only about $ 65 / set.
  • Equipment can only be used on the lawn.
  • Material: heavy polyester, great for agility training at home.
  • Adjustable height
  • Equipped with a convenient carrying case

Cool Runners Agility Weave Poles

  • Can be easily adjusted, allowing them to be set in a straight line or in a compensation configuration
  • Easily maintain accurate distance between poles.
  • The product is very light and easy to pack and carry; these poles come with a set of ground piles to anchor them in place.
  • Reasonable price, about 60 dollars.
  • There are bags containing.
  • Material: PVC plastic on the metal base.

Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set

  • Suitable for 4-step dance training.
  • Can adjust the distance, the height of bars, width 36 “, height adjustable from 4” – 24 “.
  • Lightweight, weighing only 14 lbs in total.
  • Independent facilities allow indoor or outdoor training.
  • There is a sturdy carrying case, vinyl tape to decorate the rafters.
  • Material: anti-UV PVC layer.

Dog Agility Equipment-Practice Tire/Hoop Jump

  • There are different sizes for each type of dog.
  • Made in the USA, durable.
  • Can disassemble to move.
  • Made of lightweight but very strong PVC
  • The diameter of the ring is about 29 “and is good for most dogs.
  • Easy assembly in minutes

Affordable Agility Fixed 6 Pole Weave Set

  • Suitable for fast dogs or large dogs.
  • Height 36 “, height meets standard
  • The tabs are separated by 24 “
  • Made of hard PVC plastic
  • There are connection pieces, ensuring easy assembly

PAWISE Weave Poles

  • It contains 12 woven columns and has a carrying case for easy storage or carrying.
  • Bars made of sturdy metal can be fixed on grass or cement.
  • Low price, easy to install

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