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Top 10 Best Cat Litter Mats 2020 Reviews

Some domestic cats often cause some household disturbances such as littering, hair loss, footprinting on the floor, etc. Therefore, a cat mat is an essential item for all cat owners. These mats have this texture like a normal doormat. They serve as a surface for the litter that your cat causes. Of course, you can also use a vacuum cleaner or buy a litter box, but a cat mat is still an economical option.

So, how to choose a good cat litter mat? We have reviewed the characteristics of the clean, comfortable, aesthetic of the mats on the market today and selected the top 10 best products. If you are going to buy a cat litter mat, do not miss the following article.

Top 10 Best Cat Litter Mats

Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat

  • Produced with advanced technology, there are deep grooves and advanced nets to catch garbage. Great quality, durability, and lasting effect.
  • Thick coils and deep grooves are designed to keep mess on the carpet and prevent it from reaching the floor.
  • Super soft material, creating a gentle, comfortable feeling for cats.
  • Easy to clean, just shake off, vacuum or wash with soap.
  • Large size to accommodate more garbage.
  • The back is thick, has anti-slip rubber layer.
  • There are many colors to choose from.

Easyology Premium Large Cat Litter Mat

  • Designed with deep grooves and mesh 37% more quality than other products to help capture garbage more easily.
  • Large size: 35 “x 23”, enough to cover the area around the cat box.
  • They are made from extremely thick and extra-large PVC material, super soft, gentle, suitable for sensitive cat feet.
  • Slip-resistant backing helps prevent carpet movement.
  • Plastic material has good water resistance, easy to clean, just need to shake off, vacuum, wash clean.
  • Diverse colors, matching preferences.

Pawkin Cat Litter Mat

  • Litter Lock mesh design is effective for cats who are littering.
  • Material: High-quality PVC, durable, soft, and does not contain phthalate, suitable for sensitive feet.
  • It can be easily cleaned with clean water.
  • Size: 35 “x23”, relatively large to cover the entire cat cage area.

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Cat Litter Trapping Mats

  • The product has deep trenches and high-class garbage grids.
  • Large size: 35 “x 23”, helps cover ants around the cat box. It also has no phthalate and is gentle on the feet.
  • The product is durable, has no phthalate and is soft for cat paws.
  • Solid design and premium quality.
  • Easy to clean, just need to shake off, vacuum, or wash.
  • Elegant color, trendy.

Easyology Jumbo Cat Litter Mat

  • Designed with deep grooves and grids on the surface for better garbage capture.
  • Super large size: 47 “x 36”, can hold 2 cages at a time
  • It is made from extremely thick and extra-large PVC, super soft, suitable for cat paws.
  • The gliding surface on the rear keeps the carpet in place.
  • Easy to clean by shaking off, vacuuming, or soap up and washing off.
  • Black color does not feel dirty when used.

CleanHouse Premium Cat Litter Mat

  • Mat is specially designed with mesh surface to increase the ability to catch garbage.
  • The underside has a non-slip layer when used by cats.
  • Large size, suitable for any cat box size.
  • Easy to clean by shaking the mat or washing with soap.
  • Super durable material, does not contain phthalate.
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds.

Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping Mat

  • Unique design with a honeycomb pattern on both layers for garbage collection.
  • Great for a wide variety of litter and cat litter boxes, hoods, self-cleaning litter boxes.
  • Made from soft, comfortable material for cat paws; Water-resistant and also slip-resistant.
  • Clean easily by gently rocking or washing without a vacuum cleaner.
  • Highly durable, suitable for cats who like to scratch.

PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat

  • Material: Silicones are waterproof, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, low odor.
  • Create a sense of comfort for cats when used.
  • There are high internal ridges and outer lips to prevent slipping.
  • Easily clean up surface trash with Brooms, vacuum cleaners, sponges.
  • Big size with reasonable sensation.

PetLike Cat Litter Mat Kitty Litter Mats

  • Products capable of picking up good litter from cat boxes, keeping the floor clean.
  • Made from non-toxic, soft, gentle, safe plastic materials for cats.
  • Easy to clean, just shake off, vacuum, or rinse.
  • There is an anti-slip layer and it is water resistant.
  • There are 2 sizes of 30 x 18 inches and 35 x 24 inches.
  • Diverse colors, there are 10 colors for you to choose.

Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Mat

  • Weight: 3.6lbs, it is less likely to be scratched or moved by cats.
  • Easily cleaned by emptying, vacuuming, scrubbing, washing.
  • The bottom has a waterproof layer to prevent urine from seeping through the floor.
  • Pet-friendly material, free of BPA and Phthalate.
  • There are prints of cute cat motifs.
  • There are 3 colors: gray, brown and beige.
  • Reasonable price.

Above are the top 10 cat litter mat used by cat owners today. Through this article, we hope to bring you the most useful options in finding a good mat for your little friend. Thanks for reading.

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