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Top 10 Best Cat Blankets 2020 Reviews

Cute cats are considered to be one of the most intimate human pets. Most cats prefer to be cuddled and cuddled, especially in the winter or when they are asleep. They need to be kept warm and cozy so they can cope with the cold or have a good sleep. However, you may not always be with your little friend. Therefore, a cat blanket will be an effective tool to solve this problem. Cats can both keep warm and keep a cat’s bed, so they can get used to sleeping in a bed instead of needing someone to cuddle.

There are many cat blankets on the market with different designs, sizes, materials, colors. This gives you a lot of options but also makes you wonder about choosing a blanket that best suits your cat. So we consulted many products and selected the top 10 best cat blankets. Come on, let’s find out.

Top 10 Best Cat Blankets

DIGIFLEX Large Pet Blankets

  • Material: Fleece. Safe, soft, creating a comfortable feeling to use.
  • Can put baskets, put car seats, in cages, etc.
  • Easy to clean, can be washed in the washing machine without the worry of fading.
  • The blanket is thin but has a high warmth because of its large size, so it can cover the whole cat body.
  • Blankets are decorated with cute paws motifs.
  • There are 3 eye-catching colors: cream, grey and black. Good price.

ASAB Large Pet Blanket Paw Print

  • Large size: 120cm x 100cm, can cover the whole cat body to keep warm.
  • The blanket is made from Polyester fiber, so it is very soft, light, and feels comfortable.
  • Textures: cute paws, attract the cat’s attention.
  • There are 3 different colors to choose from pink, cream, and black easily.
  • It can be washed many times by machine or hand washing. Good fabric color does not fade.
  • The blanket is very cheap, but the quality is guaranteed.

Pet Living Large Soft Pet Blanket

  • It can be used on pets like cats, rabbits, or dogs.
  • Size: 100×150 suitable for pets from childhood to adulthood.
  • There are 2 cute colors: pink or blue, suitable for female and male cats.
  • The blanket is made of soft fabric, and the ends are reinforced to withstand cat paws.
  • Has excellent hair holding capacity so it can be used to line it on your furniture or where your cat sleeps.

AK KYC Pet Blanket Cushion

  • The two sides of the blanket are made from soft, warm fleece, which is very comfortable for pets to sleep.
  • Decorated cute, the paw face is very eye-catching.
  • Available in various colors to choose from: Pink, Blue, Yellow.
  • There are many sizes to choose. Perfect for pets of all ages and sizes.

Trixie Lingo Blanket

  • The blanket is made of 100% Polyester and fleece on both sides.
  • Committed to excellent quality, super soft and warm.
  • The fringe is reinforced to resist cat scratching.
  • Available in 3 sizes 75 x 10 cm; 75×50 cm; 150 x 100 cm, suitable for both small and mature pets.
  • It can be used for lining cages, used indoors, or in cars when traveling.
  • It is easily cleaned by machine or hand washing.

Cuddl Duds Sherpa Fleece Plush Throw

  • Size: 50″ x 60″. Suitable for pets like dogs, cats, and rabbits.
  • Made from soft, thin, light fabric, creating a sense of comfort for pets when using.
  • Highly pet cat fur can be used to protect furniture from dirt and pet hair.
  • Decorated with cute cat patterns.
  • The product is easily cleaned by washing machine or hand washing.


  • Suitable for placing on the bed, sofa, or car seat to avoid scratches or pet hair.
  • Can be used as warm blankets, pads, towels, picnic blankets in all seasons.
  • Material: Polyester fabric is hypoallergenic. The blanket is fragile and smooth, without wrinkles, very warm and safe for the skin.
  • Seams definitely help prevent pets from biting or tearing the blankets.
  • The blanket can be washed by machine or by hand without having to worry about fading.
  • Cute pattern with small stars.
  • There are many sizes: small, medium, large
  • There are many colors to choose from such as pink, bluw, etc.

PAWZ Road Pet Blanket

  • Used with various functions such as warm blankets, pads, towels, picnic blankets, etc.
  • Can be kept in a cage, covered with solid objects or in a car when traveling to give your cat a good night’s sleep and prevent cat fur problems.
  • The blanket is made from polyester fabric that is safe for the skin. It is thin, soft but still warm.
  • Can add your pet name.
  • Washable by hand or washing machine and dry. Not fade.
  • Decorated with a cute dog bone pattern.
  • There are many colors and sizes to choose from. Reasonable price.

PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

  • Material: fleece. Possibly high water permeability.
  • The blanket is soft, smooth, lightweight, safe for the skin, does not smell like chemicals.
  • Easy to clean by washing machine or by hand. Can keep the shape after drying.
  • Suitable for indoor use or to bring with you while traveling.
  • Pets can comfortably bite or tear without worrying about being torn because of the seam firmly.
  • There are 2 colors to choose: brown and grey.

AIPERRO Pet Blanket

  • Available in various sizes, suitable for many pets such as Poodle, Bull Terrier, Corgi, cat, rabbit, etc.
  • The product is made of soft fleece, safe for pets and the environment.
  • Perfect when used for cages, beds, sofas, cars, etc.
  • Protect furniture from scratches, dirt and pet hair.
  • Easy cleaning by washing machine or manual. Blankets do not wrinkle or tint after washing.

Above are the top 10 cat blankets used by many cat parents today. A soft blanket will give your child warmth and good sleep. We hope that this article has provided you with helpful hints on finding a good cat blanket for your little friend. Have a nice day.

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